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Covid 19 Safety Guidelines

COVID-19‭ ‬Protocol‭

‬Anyone with a fever‭, ‬cough‭, ‬shortness of breath or sore throat is not allowed on the site‭. ‬

Maintain social distancing of 6‭ ‬feet or one horse length at all times‭.


‬No more than one person at a time will be allowed within 6‭ ‬feet of in-gate/staff‭. ‬


We encourage everyone to wear mask or face covering‭. ‬


We encourage everyone to enter online or mail entry forms to cut down on correspondence with staff‭. ‬


Only one representative per barn will be allowed in the office‭.


‬It the responsibility of any person entering the site to follow the Covid-19‭ ‬Guidelines‭.‬

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